Tri for Les: How to be That Guy at the gym

Pumping Iron for You

We all know That Guy.

Sometimes he’s in the lane next to you on the congested freeway, not letting you over.

Other times he’s in front of you on the train, yacking away on his phone.

And almost certainly, he’s lurking at your gym.

Given the insane amount of time I’ve been spending at the gym lately – swimming, spinning, running and WODing my way toward Ironman Arizona and domination of my Awesome Bucket v2013 – I’m all too familiar with That Guy at the gym.

Now, it’s time to impart wisdom and spread the wealth.

I outlined five pointers for anyone looking to be That Guy at the gym. Check out these snarky tips in my recent Tri for Les article, predictably titled: How to be That Guy at the gym.

I hope you have as much fun reading the piece as I did writing it.

Stay vigilant!