Awesome Bucket 2014

My list of goals for 2014, broken down into the categories of Creative, Fitness, Travel and Awesome.

“Chemistry is, well technically, chemistry is the study of matter. But I prefer to see it as the study of change.” — Walter H. White

As we launch into a new year, change takes the spotlight for many of us.

We reflect on the year that was, look for areas to improve upon and dream about the changes we’d like to make in the future.

I’ve developed into somewhat of an obsessive, merciless, fanatical goal hoarder. As you’d imagine, New Year’s resolution season is an exciting time for yours truly.

Not only am I still riding the high from last year’s Awesome Bucket performance – a dominating 7/9 performance that left 2013’s head spinning – but I’m even more jacked up to keep the Awesome going in 2014.

Brace yourself: the word Awesome is used another nine times in this article.

What’s the point of the Awesome Bucket?

Most of the time, starting the year strong isn’t much of a problem. We all have a bunch of cool stuff we’d like to do. But setting a plan to accomplish these goals, and sticking to it, day after day are the tough parts.

That’s why I find so much benefit – and dorktastic fun – in carefully crafting and organizing my goals at the beginning of the year. Posting my goals here not only fills up my passion bucket for 2014, but it also helps me:

  • Make sure my goals are smart and organized
  • Avoid cramming too many goals into the bucket
  • Set the course for success (the toughest and most important part of the process)
  • Keep my goals in the crosshairs throughout the year
  • Hold myself accountable
  • Reminds me who’s in charge. Me.

Plus, I like to think my Awesome Bucket gives others ideas and inspiration to tackle goals and take control of the Awesome available in the year ahead. Alright, let’s go get it.

Here’s my list of goals for 2014, broken down into the categories of Creative, Fitness, Travel and Awesome.

Awesome Bucket 2014


  1. Write every day. Create and maintain a “don’t break the chain” calendar for creative writing. Word count and topics matter not.
  2. Post one new article a month. Keep a running list of blog ideas for Tri for Les and Fuller Creative, and schedule time to blog at least once a week.
  3. Enter a photo contest. Research potential contests, pick one and plot it on the calendar. Schedule brainstorming sessions and photo excursions once themes and guidelines are established.


  1. Improve Olympic lifting technique. Join a Crossfit gym, study the book Starting Strength and focus on establishing a solid knowledge base and form.
  2. Do a handstand. Consult this great beginner’s guide and incorporate five minutes of handstand practice into daily routine.
  3. Here-bro WOD. This is a mini-workout I’ll do every day my Marine brother is deployed in Afghanistan. Each day establishes a new total points goal for that day and you get points by doing any combination of these exercises: Air Squat = 1 Point, Push Up = 2 Points, Burpee = 3 Points. For example, on the day he left (Dec. 22, 2013), I did 1 Air Squat. On Day 2, I did 2 Air Squats, although I could have done 1 Push Up. Somewhat complicated, and I probably didn’t explain it very well here, but it’ll help me keep perspective and send good vibes his way.


Explore at least three new great American cities:

  1. Boston and Philadelphia. Run the Broadstreet Run (Ten Miler) in Philadelphia and squeeze in a quick trip to Boston and Fenway Park thereafter.
  2. Portland. Run the Ragnar Northwest Passage, then head over to Portland for the PDX Pop Now Music Festival, Oregon Brewer’s Festival and Cathedral Park Jazz Festival.
  3. Seattle. Bumbershoot


  1. Play guitar every day. Doesn’t matter what song or for how long. Incorporate guitar in the “don’t break the chain” calendar.
  2. Hike Humphreys Peak: the highest point in Arizona. Penciled in for late June.
  3. Complete four home improvement projects. Tentatively: flooring, counter tops, ceiling fans and patio.

Passion and dedication go a long way to accomplishing goals, but for me, organization is the crucial factor that makes the connection from starting line to finish and dream to reality.

Here’s how I’m going to stay organized in 2014 and make this big bucket of awesome sauce happen.

  • Create a working 2014 timeline (in a Google Spreadsheet) that outlines the big-picture tasks for each month
  • Dedicate at least an hour every week to working and maintaining that timeline
  • Keep a weekly agenda for all the little things required to make the big things happen
  • Frame the Awesome Bucket goals for a daily visual reminder of what the year is all about
  • Use a “don’t break the chain” calendar for the daily goals (Writing, Guitar and Here-bro WOD)

Now that my Awesome Bucket is set and the course is laid out and road map is set, all that remains is to Live Every Day and put one foot in front of the other. Stay tuned for updates throughout the year, and best of luck in accomplishing your own goals for 2014.

Photo courtesy: scion_cho

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