Required Reading: Green Metropolis

Green Metropolis: Why Living Smaller, Living Closer, and Driving Less Are the Keys to Sustainability, by David Owen, should be required reading for anyone working or providing input in the transportation, city planning and energy – specifically, sustainability – spaces.

After finishing the book earlier this year, I wrote the author the email below to express my appreciation. I’m including my email here because it serves as a nice nice introduction and summary of my key takeaways.

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Hard Return

This is Part III of my series, Work is Fun. Here is Part I and Part II.

In the winter, the weather outside bled through the office windows, accentuating the filth and decay surrounding us inside.

The drab, hazy grey skies mirrored the blank and fading walls.

Snowflakes fell lightly through naked branches like the gathered dust that tumbled down from the drapes and bookshelves above our desks.

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This is Part II of my series, Work is Fun. Here is Part I and Part III.

Morale dipped after a week of working with the drone bossYou wouldn’t have been able to tell at a glance because our faces remained blank as ever.

Our reports, on the other hand, were filled with egregious, unprofessional typographical errors revealing the downtrodden mood wafting across the front lines.

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Happy Friday

This is Part I of my series, Work is Fun. Here is Part II and Part III.

“Are you happy?”

The question from my boss sifted through the cramped office and clung to us like crop dust.

Huddled on stained couches and broken chairs, we all paused from hammering on our laptops to consider the question. A few people looked up and shrugged ambivalently.

He walked out of the room. We let out a collective sigh and got back to work.

It was early morning and the rise of clicking keyboards, buzzing phones, flickering fluorescent lights and looming deadlines smothered any remnants of self-reflection.

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Mazel tov, bro

A speech for the best man

At first I wasn’t sure I’d give a best man speech at my brother’s wedding.

Nobody had mentioned anything to me, and Hermano’s style doesn’t lend itself to the spotlight or ceremony. So I figured they might just not be doing toasts, and I was fine with that – one less thing on the plate as work and school ramped back up for the new year.

But my feelings changed as the big day got closer. I realized this was going to be one of the most memorable days for him, her, and our families, and I wanted to give them all something special to show how much they mean to me. Considering that they live out of state and we don’t talk that much, the best man speech was my best shot.

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