Awesome Bucket 2017

Key priorities for my annual quest for success

For the fifth consecutive year I’m publishing my list of goals for the year.

Laying them out like this holds me accountable, keeps me organized and hopefully helps others do the same.

Over the past four years I’ve completed 28 out of 39 goals, including: becoming an Ironman (2013), doing a handstand (2014), getting my MBA and almost straight A’s (2015), and traveling to China (2016).

After scoring my lowest accomplishment rate last year – 44%, but still a good year – I’m ready to bounce back and go after some big, elusive and fun goals in 2017.

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2016 Awesome Bucket Results

I shot four for nine and missed my one thing, but it’s OK because I learned something.

To improve we must watch ourselves fail and learn from our mistakes.

“One has to hurt, to go through a period of stress, a period of self-doubt, a period of confusion. And then out of that mess can flow the richest tapestries.” — Ed Cooke, Grand Master of Memory, in the book Moonwalking with Einstein

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Takeaways from an MBA

My guide to make the most of a W.P. Carey MBA

The MBA journey began with an arduous application process. Then, it officially launched with an inspiring first semester and a busy first year. Now, after two tough years that kinda flew by, I finished strong, graduated and celebrated with a two-week trip to China.

I’ve said it a million times, but getting my MBA is already one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and one of my proudest accomplishments .

It’s right up there with becoming an Ironman, and hitting a home run (opposite field) in the top of the ninth in the sixth grade little league All Star game (even though we went on to lose in the bottom of the ninth thanks to a walk-off home run, soon after my moment in the sun).

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Awesome Bucket 2016

The few things that matter most this year

Grad school consumed the first half of 2016.

After graduating, I took a trip to China and then decompressed (read: plummeted into a pit of boredom) for a few weeks.

Now, we return to the surface to start a new chapter and finish 2016 strong. Here’s what I’ll be working on for the next six months.

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