Ironman Arizona: Conquered!

140.6 miles, 13.5 hours and one of the best days of my life

Adam Fuller, You are an Ironman!

“Adam Fuller, you are an Ironman!”

I had been working hard – training, stretching, studying and strategizing – for a year to hear that phrase announced over the loudspeakers at Ironman Arizona on Nov. 17, 2013.

As I plowed through the 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride and 26.2-mile run, there were many times when I heard it pop-up in my head to keep me moving and motivated.

But when I turned down the final straightaway chute and sprinted to the finish line, I was in such an ecstatic frenzy to finish strong that I didn’t even hear Mike Reilly – the voice of Ironman – yell out my name as the latest member of the exclusive club.

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Tri for Les: Idiot infected

My left foot.

In March 2012 it stepped on a rock and suffered a stress fracture. A couple weeks later it trudged through the Lavaman triathlon – which made matters worse.

In February 2013 it collapsed after running over 20 miles in the Ragnar del Sol Relay.

Now, after recovering from those two setbacks, going strong into these last two months before Ironman AZ in November, the problem dog is at it again.

Read about the latest development in the foot fight in my Tri for Les article: Idiot infected.

You’ll see how it was a part of a series of miscues by yours truly, and learn a few good lessons from my bad examples.

While you’re over on Tri for Les, check out another one of my recent posts: Running unplugged: Why I don’t wear headphones when I exercise, and how I still hear the music.

Tri for Les Update: Boulder Ironman 70.3 Race Report

I’ve been cranking away at my Awesome Bucket quest to become an Ironman.

Even though it’s gobbled up almost all of my nights and weekends, and forced me to plan out nearly every waking hour, I’m enjoying this exercise (immensely).

The goal has driven me to overthink strategically about my training program and nutrition, develop and improve upon healthy habits, and challenge myself both physically and mentally.

Plus, I can see the benefits of all this hard work expanding into other parts of my life, including my writing and my career.

I’ve been diligently posting updates and helpful triathlon tips on and wanted to pass along a few of my latest stories – most recent of which is my race recap from the Boulder Ironman 70.3 triathlon, a major checkpoint on the IronmanAZ journey.

Here’s a few more of my recent Tri for Les posts:

Wish me luck as the big race gets closer (IronmanAZ – Nov. 17), and thanks for following along.

Tri for Les: Catching up

Rain, road, map

Six months ago, when I laid out the goals for my Awesome Bucket v2013, Ironman Arizona – and completing that triathlon race in 12 hours – was clearly defined as my one thing.

So it’ll come as no surprise that most of my free time lately has been spent cooking, eating, breathing, training, running, riding, swimming, planning and soaking up all things triathlon. My mind is almost always toiling about the race, and how I can best prepare myself so that come race day (November 17), I’ll be ready to go.

However, even though that one thing is all that matters, I incorporated writing into this journey to improve my writing skills, share the experience and help other triathletes dominate their own goals.

So, I’ve been doing my best to blog at least once a week on either Fuller Creative (this blog) or at Tri for Les (the triathlon blog that my sister and I run).

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